Meet the Squad

We are and handful of creative individuals (math is creative, right?) with a common goal—to help other creative professionals establish their own successful local businesses.



Creative Director & Co-Founder

Ashley has an extensive background in making art her business. She currently is a freelance surface pattern designer & illustrator while wrangling her ultra curious/rather rambunctious but crazy cute, kid. With many small business successes (and failures) under her belt, Ashley is passionate about helping other local artists achieve their goals. She loves planning parties and is often found baking highly caloric, delicious tarts, cakes or pies. She is motivated by snow days, freshly sharpened pencils, planning parties, and large blocks of cheese.


Operational Wizard, Educator, Crafter

Sarah is the best cook we know (but feel free to apply as a vendor and give her a run for her money). As a teacher, she is passionate about instilling creativity in her students. Her experiences studying art history and traveling the world with her husband, John, have given Sarah a sharp eye for detail and exceptional taste. She is motivated by her son, Andrew, home decorating, Diet Coke, seemingly impossible projects, new recipes, and BBC productions.


Wordsmith and Copywriter

Tracy is obsessed with words and their powers, so if you want to discuss the impact of social language codes on working-class students or have an excellent pun-based joke, head her way. She studied Spanish and linguistics with the intent to combine the two in her career, but one thing led to another, as it so often does, and she now works as an editor for a publishing house. In English. She is motivated by sharp cheddar, the promise of a nap, and commas that shouldn’t be there.



Artist-in-Training, Mascot, & Muse

Lily entered age 2 guns ablaze and is taking no prisoners. Her hobbies are bubbles, drawing, painting, playing on the swings, repeating phrases over and over, and wiping her nose on your shirt. You can often find her wandering the aisles of the market messing up booths, creating chaos. If possible, she would eat nothing but cereal and mac & cheese, just like her dad. But mom won't let them. Come on, mom!



President Business and Co-Founder

John is an entrepreneur at heart. As Ashley’s much, much older and much, much wiser brother, he brings experience and professionalism to the creative chaos that is our team. With a master’s degree in business marketing, John relishes crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets. As a youngster his first report card read “loves to make things with his hands” and to this day, truer words have not been written. He is motivated by woodworking, traveling to Italy, fly fishing, and fresh powder on his board.


Resident Nerd and Tech Geek

Despite being a Star Wars and Lego junkie, Robbie’s still called Handsome Rob by his adoring wife, Ashley. An educator and computer wiz with three degrees featuring the word “technology,” he is our technical brains and media mastermind. Don’t let his expertise in Photoshop and genius in Illustrator intimidate you, though; Robbie is motivated by nerdy sci-fi novels and making home videos. Okay, also by hiking the Rocky Mountains and hitting the slopes.



Artist-in-Training, Sidekick and Lego Expert

Andrew loves all things related to Star-wars, Legos, video games, art and pigs. He’s always got a sketchbook on hand, filled with his character creations. He’s a great traveler and has been to more than a dozen countries. He makes us laugh all of the time, with his amazing sense of humor, facial expressions and wicked dance moves. This pre-teen is ripping it up on the guitar and the lacrosse field. He’s a great host and has become somewhat of a sensation for his “late nights,” filled with video games, pizza, and capture the flag.