Zil - Simple, modern, elegant jewelry

ZIL is a handmade jewelry collection that was born of a lifelong desire to create.

Three years ago, while living in New Orleans, I began to seriously feed that desire by re-purposing found objects and vintage items into one-of- a-kind jewelry. After that, everything simply started to fall into place.

I was offered an apprenticeship with a metalsmith who taught me the true skill of creating and designing. I was given the space to practice, hone my skills, and discover my
voice. I felt like I had stumbled upon a path that I didn't even know existed, yet felt wonderfully familiar. As though it had been waiting for me all along.


ZIL is a concept that’s very close to my heart. When I decided to start my business, I wanted to
create something that would honor my mother who had passed when I was 15 years old. Her
name was Elizabeth and she was a vibrant, fun-loving, passionate soul. She loooooved music,
dancing, laughing, singing, fashion, and jewelry. I could always find where she was located in
the house if I just listened for the jangling of her jewelry ;)

She once told me that people at her work called her Liz and that she loved it! She thought is
was SO fun, and I thought that was just adorable :)
So, my jewelry collection, ZIL, is Liz backwards. I wanted to create something that would honor
my mother's spirit. A gorgeous woman who taught me how to be strong and smile at an often
cruel world. ZIL is about having a passion and zeal for life!

Through minimalistic designs, ZIL also employs the notion that less is more. I believe that true
style exists in the details and in the nuances. It’s about the subtle hints of shapes and lines
fitting together like puzzle pieces against your body.

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 ZIL is designed to accentuate your style with simplistic, yet striking details!

Each time I create, I do it in the name of my beautiful mother.

So, just know, that when you support ZIL, you’re not only supporting me, but you’re supporting a reflection of her spirit!

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