Guest Post: Meeting Simply Ember by Jessica & Zach


It's you time!

"The simple idea of taking time for you, and who doesn't love it to be fun too!"


Hi! We are the makers behind Simply Ember! I am Jessica and my husbands name is Zach we have two kids Adalie and Ezra.

Simply Ember was born this year, 2016, and we have loved every second of it! We started doing homemade bath bombs because well, WE LOVE THEM! We were going and getting them at the store all the time so instead, I turned to Zach and said lets make these! Our kids love them too, and getting them to take a bath while also having fun is a win-win. I love taking baths. It’s my time to relax and unwind after a long day or long week and always used a bath bomb. When we decided to do it we made a few - literally only a few! We posted on our social media pages to let friends and family know if they wanted some to let us know! We were not prepared for what happened next...! We had over 150 orders in an hour! ONE HOUR! We were not ready for that but what an amazing feeling and great success it was. We made our website, signed up to be a vendor at markets and haven't stopped. It helped our family go to Disneyland this summer which was a dream! Now don't get me wrong, it’s not all perfect when running a business - we all know that. Getting the consistency right, our packaging down, our website running, even labeling right to get our name out there. With all the bumps in the road it has made Simply Ember what it is today and we have grown so much even in the short time it’s been going! We can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

Simply Ember homemade bath bombs are the perfect gift for any occasion. Perfect stocking stuffer, or thank you. We have a variety of essential oils infused in each one for your needs. Each one has oil to moisturize leaving your skin silky smooth. With all the benefits it also makes bath time even more fun!

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