Guest Post: Laurie and Ashley with Simply Adorable Me


Hey Everyone! We’re Laurie and Ashlee, the mother-daughter duo behind Simply Adorable Me. We’re based out of Mountain Green, Utah.  We established our business the beginning of 2017.


We started out creating knotted newborn gowns and our business has now grown to include swimsuits, dresses, pajamas, hats and bows.


In our family there are 11 grandchildren, they are seriously magical and silly miniature humans; they are our passion and inspiration. We design our clothing with them inmind, allowing kids to be kids.  

Whether they are jumping in puddles, heading to school, splashing in the waves, or snuggling up at home, our clothing line is not only functional but stylish as well.

Each Item is handmade, and we feel that it’s a labor of love – that love gets captured and sent to you in each finished piece.


Our goal at Simply Adorable Me is to create high quality clothing and accessories that are stylish and unique, that you will love dressing your kids in and they will love wearing.