Guest Post: Paige from Kindred OAK

Kindred OAK started with a dream and a $15-sewing-machine I found on Craigslist shortly after my son was born in 2011. Little did I know that was just the beginning of a dream that was in the making ever since I was a little girl.

As with many small businesses, so much passion goes into everything we do at Kindred OAK and we’ve been running on passion and dreams for 6 years now. As a “mompreneur”, my biggest passion is helping other moms in pursuit of their dreams and helping women create a lifestyle they’ve thought was only worth dreaming of.


So, here’s what’s really going on behind the scenes at Kindred OAK


In the heart of Park City there’s a mom chasing her half-naked child around the house, begging him to get dressed for school after she woke up late from only 3 hours of sleep while she throws herself together with a cup of coffee in one-hand and a half-eaten Pop Tart in the other. She’s got a busy day full of meetings, writing, photo-editing, website development, design review, stack of emails to reply to and an ever-growing list of to-do’s to somehow organize in her planner. Then it’s homework, playtime, bath-time, story-time, and bedtime and back to work. When you work from home, the lines between personal and professional tend to get a little blurry, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did that stress you out? Because if I’m being honest, it stresses me just a little to write it all out! As the founder of Kindred OAK, this about how my life has gone since starting the company shortly after my son was born in 2011. Being a mompreneur is no joke, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world (only ask me that, though, after my first cup of coffee in the morning). After 6 years in business, I still don’t have it all figured out, but I’d like to say I’ve finally “found my groove”, and this stressful way of living has inspired me to pursue a lifestyle that allows me to have it all without the negativity brought on by stress. We take clothes pretty seriously around here, but you know what we take even more seriously? Motherhood. Livelihood.

We’ve been blessed to survive the brutal world of small business ownership and the ups and downs of figuring out what this business is really all about. I’m proud to say we now have a whole team of amazing people that push this dream forward into it’s true purpose to create a strong, supportive community for Mothers & other female entrepreneurs while we continue to pump out great children’s apparel.

I remember the first big milestone for Kindred OAK was being the first to market with a toddler slouch beanie.


Slouch beanies were one of my personal favorite accessories and I couldn’t find anything small enough in this style to fit my son, so I set out to create a new, stylish beanie for kids. Since creating that first beanie in 2012, Kindred OAK has grown to include a collection of other great staple clothing products, known as The Essential Collection. These pieces are must-haves for every kid’s wardrobe because they are comfy, cute, and easy to mix and match with anything for any occasion.

BB Grey Romper2.jpg

And we’ve just launched the newest part of our business that we are beyond excited for, called OAK Lifestyle.

Photo Sep 27, 5 26 01 PM.jpg

The idea behind this addition to our site is to support our belief in community over competition and the movement to support women pursuing their passions. We’ve carefully curated a collection of items from small businesses with amazing products that identify with our idea of a unique, intentional set of ideals for the everyday life.

When I’m not getting the chance to work with and interview other incredibly talented women pursuing their passions, I am blessed to work with our own team that keeps things running smoothly for us in all of our endeavors. Without this team, it would not be possible to grow in a way that allows us to pursue all of these passions. We’re all big believers in women supporting women and building a community of motherhood, a community that we call The Tribe. So much work goes into creating valuable content for our Tribe members on all the different platforms we participate in whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, our Blog, or our upcoming Podcast, and it wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team and without YOU. So thanks for being here; if you’re just joining us, I hope you’ll stick around and follow us on any and all of the platforms I listed above so we can stay connected ❤