Meet Savanna Elise Art!


Hi! My name is Savanna, I am a Utah native and an abstract artist. I have never been great with expressing myself through words. I struggle with telling people how I feel and what I feel. But I do feel.

Emotion is a big part of my life - it fuels me, and it drives my art. The best way to truly know me is through my art - my emotions put to canvas. 

I hope we can share some sentiments through my art. I hope you can understand me, my love, my hurt, my frustration, my happy. 


Much of my art is an internalization of the Utah landscape. Each color resonates an emotion, sometimes only a fragmented emotion. Although some colors burn stronger and clearer than others, each contribute to the canvas as a whole. Just as no single memory can be reduced down to one emotion, each piece expresses an array of thoughts, feelings, and experiences - layers of what makes a memory memorable. 


I hope we can get to know each other through art. Feel free to let me know if, perhaps, I have connected with you through the colors and emotions of my art.  


If you are interested in any art commissions you can email me at 

My website is stop by and say hi anytime! 

I update my Instagram feed daily you can catch me at