We've Moved!

We've been hard at work since our last market, cooking up some special new surprises for our vendors and our shoppers. As a part of all that work, we decided to upgrade our website in the process. But what does that mean for you?

Not much, actually. You'll still find us at saltandhoneymarket.com (I know you bookmarked it, and you don't have to change that), you'll still be able to see all the market vendors (though that list is empty at the moment as we haven't officially started accepting applications for our Spring Market yet, but that's coming up!), we're still going to feature a few of those vendors in this blog, and there's still a few other surprises we've got in store...

For those who have applied to be a vendor or volunteer, or anyone who has reached out to us through our contact page, hooray! We've made it all better! You no longer have to leave the site to apply, the volunteer application will go directly to the volunteer guy (who also happens to be the website guy—me) so we won't be losing any volunteers through the cracks, and when you try to contact us, it will actually go straight to us so we can provide speedy responses.

There is one minor downside, and that is that we've lost all our old blog posts. So if you're a vendor who was featured in our old blog, be sure to apply for the next market and sign up for a blog post!

I can tell, you're as excited about this new site as I am.

Robbie Collett