Emery Ave Designs: A Fresh Perspective on Concrete

Embrace the beauty of concrete. From functional pieces of serveware to unique home decor designs, Emery Ave Designs is changing the way you look at the multifaceted industrial medium. There is something about the natural imperfections of the concrete that draws the eye and impels the sense of touch. 

Let me introduce myself… My Name is Angela and I began experimenting with concrete a couple of years ago. I’ve always been a creator but working with this medium has become an exciting artistic form of expression for me. Many of my designs are original and fresh to the world of concrete art. When developing my own designs, I begin with a hand sculpted piece that can take several days to weeks to satisfy the exact look I'm trying to achieve. You may decide that many of them are very simple…Perfect! That is exactly what I was going for, a timeless piece that will work with any style of decor. 

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted through a process of several steps. I start with the molds. Some of them have been collected over time and come in many shapes and sizes. My other type of molds are painstakingly handmade from my original sculpted pieces. 

Next, is the hand mixing and pouring of the concrete. One could say my methods are quite primitive but I prefer it that way to control the texture and end result.  Once the concrete has been fully cured, I Sand each piece to smooth out the rough edges. And when it's time to add the final touches I either stain, dye or paint and then seal them. I take the extra time to seal and wax each serveware item with products that are food safe. However, there are some of my decor pieces that I prefer to have the natural texture of concrete and they remain unsealed. 

You’ll find cake stands, bowls, donut stands, and cooking utensil holders in my concrete serveware line. They add a noteworthy touch to your home decor, kitchen collections, or any event you may be planning.

To add a unique texture to your home and seasonal decor, you'll want to see all the new designs I offer on a continual basis.

Although my business is a young green sprout, it’s growing by leaps and bounds.  I invite you to stop by the Salt and Honey Market this Spring and see all the latest concrete pieces by Emery Ave Designs. For more…look me up on Instagram @emeryavedesigns