Guest Post: Palm & Betty

Who's Betty?

I know you've asked the question, who's Betty? The real question you should be asking is, WHAT is a Betty? A Betty is a rule breaker, a Betty is a trend maker, a Betty is sun chaser. A Betty is someone that runs barefoot to the beach without a care in the world.  Ok, let's be real, Betty is a slang term for a sassy surfer girl circa 1980.  And we're pretty sure that every Betty needs a Roundie.  

What's a Roundie? 

A round beach towel is the trendiest summer accessory  to take to the beach or the pool!  Not only is it super plush and functional, but a great way to be expressive and playful. Roundies have lots of space to lay your items next to you, plenty of room to stretch out, enough towel to share with a friend and tons of coverage to wrap up after you hit the water! One of our favorite features, while working on your tan, (SPF required) no need to adjust your towel for the right angle, just rotate your body to become that perfectly bronzed babe!

Now is your time to be a rule breaker, a trend maker and find your inner Betty.  We believe everyone has a little bit of a Betty in them. What speaks to your inner Betty? 

See you at Salt + Honey! 

Palm and Betty