Guest Post: Jessica Turner from All Things Lil Louise

The Skinny

It's a bright and sunny day outside. Birds are singing, children are laughing, and you're feeling fabulous! You're taking your little out for a day at the park and lunch with some friends. You have just bought the most perfect whimsical outfit for her to wear, that expresses her personality to a tee. You head to the park. While playing your little runs over to you with tears in her eyes. "Jenny spilled red juice all over my outfit mom!" RED!!! Of all colors it had to be red.  You don't have time to get a new outfit and stares of disdain from other moms fill your head. But bought the reversible crop top and skirt. Mom mode kicks in and you flip that crop top and skirt around, and all of a sudden you become super mom saving the day, dodging glares from moms and making your lunch date on time!

As a mom of a little, I know how important it is to be able to have a piece of clothing that is breathable, easy to wear, is good quality for the money, and most important, is cute.  With all of this in mind I designed the reversible crop top and skirt to meet all of these needs.  Another bonus is that with an elastic waist band and longer skirt, your little will be able to wear their skirt for a year or more as it grows with your child.

The patterns are chosen so when you buy a crop top and skirt you are essentially getting 4 mix and match outfits. All patterns represent childhood. They are carefree, bright, and have a playfulness about them. They are made for kids with moms in mind.

A little back story about me and my little. I have been sewing since I was 8. My dad is the crafty one of the family and I like to think I get my craft from him. I know for sure that I get my determination and drive from my Mother. She was always there to support me in any journey that I decided to embark upon. When she passed away I wanted to honor her memory in every possible way. As I pondered on the name for my company, I chose her middle name Louise, because for me, All Things that I do are in her memory. Hence All Things Lil Louise. I chose a butterfly logo, because ever since she died a butterfly has shown up at all the important times in my life. When I graduated with my nursing degree a butterfly was hanging around the after party, even though the winds were insane. When I did a gender reveal for my first born there was a sweet butterfly there. It seems that whenever I need it most she is always there in the form of a butterfly. So naturally a butterfly looking over my business can only mean good luck, right?

Creating this brand was also an important way for me to connect my sweet little girl with her grandmother since they were never able to meet in the flesh.  Although my Mom always said that she would rock my babies for me up in heaven and send them down to be as spicy and radiant as I was.


With all of this in mind,  I hope that you will feel the love and spirit behind the clothes that I have made for your littles. Each piece is made with you and your little in mind. They come from the heart and let's just be honest...They are freaking cute!