Guest Post: Marley from Moon and June


My name is Marley Flandro, a fourteen year old entrepreneur and owner of Moon and June. The name Moon and June came from my middle name and my sister's. I'm the Moon and she's the June, even though she doesn't like to help, haha. I love shoes, the beach, taking pictures, and Diet Coke! I go to East High School, and I'm involved in the Dance Company and Cheer team, making for a busy life. But I wouldn't want it any other way.

I started to sew when I was ten years old, and that's when I made my first zipper bag in my teacher's basement (shoutout to Katherine the sewing teacher). Let me tell you, I used that pink floral bag with a green zipper almost everyday, until I started to make more... and more and more. I started to participate in local artisan markets including the wonderful Salt + Honey, Beehive Bazaar and many more. I've done wholesale & custom orders, found the motivation to open an online Etsy store and even dealt with same school copiers... yikes. For me, the best feeling is getting a new package of pretty fabric, or bright white and gold zippers. I LOVE what I do.

 My heart is filled with happiness when seeing girls at school, dance and around the community with my zipper bags that I have made. I love having a unique passion that helps me prepare for the future and my everyday life. It has helped me become a mature, problem solving girl that can handle the (almost) business world. There are so many awesome local markets, vendors and influencers in Utah that have helped my business grow. Many have started to have a "Youth Vendor" section where young entrepreneur can show their talents and passion for making fun things. It is SO important to encourage the youth around you to display their talents and even for a reward! Hard work pays off so well. There are so many people that have helped me get to the point I'm at, with so much room to grow and expand! My parents (they drive me everyyywhere) family, friends, and strangers, you ROCK and thank you so much. I'm hoping Moon & June is the start of something big. 

Here's to chasing your dreams in the cutest pair of shoes you own!