Guest Post: Lisa at PostalThreads

Photo 1 PostalThreads brand collage.jpg

PostalThreads is place where you will find what I love to sew & create. What has evolved from sending several fabric balloon balls to nieces & nephews all over the States, for Valentines one year, continues on, as quite the balloon ball KICK. I am excited to bring my handmade, reusable, lightweight, bouncy, suitable indoor/outdoor, and fun fabric balloon balls to Salt & Honey Market!

The current focus at PostalThreads, and what you will find at the upcoming market, promotes individual quality handmade fabric balloon balls, in three main styles:

  • beach ball style
  • designer fabric style
  • pre-loved/vintage fabric style (including upcycled lace & denim, above)

However, future PostalThreads goals include the following:

  • Promote in my shop, a custom, PostalThreads, all-occasion festive fabric balloon ball décor garland (above)---coordinating sets of fabric balloon balls, strung together, to bauble in the breeze & match themed birthday parties, to then be gifted as individual party favors. Ultimately, have one of these festive balloon ball garlands published in a magazine!
  • Publish a comprehensive blog post on the history of fabric balloon balls, going back to the “Balzac Balloon Ball” made by Milton Bradley in 1989.
  • Sew for my kids more, refashion thrift store finds (my inspo is a girl named Liis, who I met once in Estonia, and @sarahtyau), and eventually teach sewing again (btw I love @littlepincushionstudio)! (I was a Family & Consumer Science teacher for 5 years before getting married & becoming a SAHM…which IMO, #MomLifeIsTheBestLife)

I hope you will follow along @PostalThreads on Instagram to see how I am doing with these goals, (and evolving as a sewing mama), not to mention, get shop updates, a heads-up on balloon ball "drops" and occasional giveaways!

…In the mean time, here is a little poem I wrote about fabric balloon balls by PostalThreads! Enjoy!

Fabric balloon balls by PostalThreads will be available the night of the Meet-the-Maker Opening Party May 1st, 6PM-9PM, and during the SECOND week (May 8-13), 10AM-10PM, of the 2 week Salt & Honey Market, at the Gateway Mall (former Anthropolgie location) in Salt Lake City!