Adventure Darling: Helping fangirls sport the perfect geek chic style in their everyday lives!

Sporting a geek chic style is a must when visiting the local comic con, theme park, movie premiere or party. But how about at work or school?  

Most days, we are unfortunately sitting at a desk all day instead of savoring a warm toasty churro in the sunshine, snagging an autograph from our favorite celeb or catching the latest Marvel movie installment.

Adventure Darling can help you go from ho-hum to heigh-ho, heigh-ho it’s off to work/school we go, and looking magical while doing it!

Wearing a work/school appropriate outfits with geek chic pieces can be tricky, but with Adventure Darling jewelry it can totally be done!

Adventure Darling was born from the minds of two geek chic entrepreneur sisters, Emily & Leslie! Born just north of Salt Lake City these sisters have been obsessed with Disney since birth. As they grew Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel and more entered their lives and were quickly added to their fandom repertoire. After always looking for subtle way to sport their favorite fandoms Leslie & Emily started Adventure Darling to help other fangirls be stylishly magical! We have been having a blast running our shop since 2014 and look forward to meeting new friends at the Spring Salt & Honey Market!