Guest Post: Derek and Brighton of Neuer Geist

Hey! We’re Derek and Brighton of Neuer Geist, a local branding studio that specializes in crafting identity design for small business owners of all shapes and sizes, as well as expressing ourselves through art prints, enamel pins, and creative collectibles. This is our second time participating as vendors with Salt + Honey, so we thought we’d chat a little about how our personal love for design helps shape the products we make and the brands we create.

For Derek, our creative director and the man for elegant logo marks, design was a passion before he considered it a career path. As a kid, he saved product tags and copied band names onto binders. His favorite things have always been the simple but striking. Now, he approaches the creative process with the same respect. He devotes time and research into every aspect of the project before sketching, often plotting out a proposal to the exact angle and degree.

Brighton, lead project manager and illustrator, views the collaborative process as a way to elevate the final result into something that exceeds the sum of its parts. Her background in watercolor portraiture and linework lends a more ornate touch to our projects. We often sketch together, bounce ideas off of each other, and will use our combined talents to make sure that the client is getting a fully considered result. This extends to our products, too!

While we may have projects that lean more on one side of the aisle or another, we’re in constant communication on the details. After all, design is our passion, so it’s usually the topic of conversation anyway! Take, for example, our Never Sleep embroidered patch, pictured below.


We’re coffee fanatics and knew we wanted to run with the coffee theme shared with some of our previous releases. As the sketching process began, we both came up with phrases, ideas, shapes that we liked. We basically passed the sketchbook back and forth over the table until we had the preliminary shape and design for the patch. Then, Derek took the pencil sketch and translated it into a vector, ready to be sent off to our local go-to for embroidered patches. Waiting for the package to arrive is always the hardest part! There’s no better feeling than opening up the box to see your finely finished work, whether that be something like a pin or patch we send out to be executed, or an art print that arrives back from the printers.

It’s that excitement that makes Neuer Geist special. When we work with you on starting a new brand or refreshing your current one, we do our best to encourage you, support you, and share our passion for good design. When you pick up one of our products, you’re sharing that love with us!