Meet Emily Park from Indulge Eats!

I started my business on Pi Day 2015 (3/14/15). I had been cooking professionally for about 6 years and working in the industry for more than 10, and I wasn’t finding the kind of food that I would like to see. So I took some notebooks that I had been brainstorming in for years and started writing and testing recipes.

Indulge Eats was created with the idea to make the kind of treats I wanted to see but could never find. Everything I make is done from scratch, by hand, with as many delicious local ingredients I can find.

Growing up in Minnesota, food was a big part of my life. My grandparents were farmers, many relatives loved to cook, and some of my favorite memories revolve around the kitchen. After moving to NYC to attend the International Culinary Center (formerly the French Culinary Institute), I worked across the country in all kinds of restaurants. I developed a love of locally sourced, seasonal, and flavorful foods that I try to put into all of my recipes.

You can find lots of Emily's delicious confections in our online shop July 17 - 30!