Welcome Kaolee from Kaolee's Shop!

I'm Kaolee of Kaolee's Shop. I am a 2D artist, conversationalist, and food lover. I have a background in printmaking and visual communications. I love everything paper and textiles. I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Utah. I'm an offspring of immigrants to the United States. My parents grew up super poor in the mountains of Laos and then lived in refugee camps in Thailand before moving to the U.S. My parents grew up poor, so naturally they had to learn how to live off the land, work with what they had, and to make things themselves. This way of life carried onto so many aspects of how everyday life was and how they raised me and my siblings. 

You will find that in the items that I create in my shop are highly influenced by nature, patterns, and tribal and asian hill tribes. You will also see my obsession with simplifying and hopefully come to notice that I try to use all of my fabric and paper remnants to create other items. Lastly, you'll see that my background in fine art; particularly printmaking is something I try to incorporate in all of my products.

I hope you enjoy and find a perfect accent.