Welcome MacGuffin Goods!


Hi there! I’m Dave Barton, a veteran Graphic Designer // Art Director, mastermind of MacGuffin Goods, and purveyor of pop culture pins and prints.


Over the last few years I’ve had an itch to start a pop culture-themed online shop, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. Late last year I was enjoying an unplanned but welcome break from freelance design work. With a burst of creative energy I started working on some personal projects, including an illustrated collection of all the live-action Batmen. As this project took shape, my cobweb-covered entrepreneurial wheels started to turn. I started to have thoughts like, “Hmm, maybe these illustrations would look good as prints or enamel pins,” and “Would people actually want to buy my stuff?”

It’s been a fun (and busy!) year, building a brand, turning my designs into products, launching the shop in May, and gradually building a following on Instagram and in the local maker scene.

We currently have seven pins and a handful of prints with more coming soon. Since MacGuffin Goods is proudly based in Salt Lake City, we wanted to pay to tribute to our hometown with the SLC Crossroads Enamel Pin. For the next two weeks this pin is available exclusively through the Salt & Honey Market for only $8, which is 20% off our normal price!

Our lives changed forever on an otherwise ordinary spring morning a little over two years ago

The doctor looked at the two distinct blobs on the ultrasound monitor and asked my wife and I, “Did we know we were having twins?” Since that day we have been wearily welcomed into the twin club by exhausted parents of multiples everywhere. Our twin boys are now almost two, and they alternate between who is the good twin and evil twin (or sometimes they’re both the evil twin). The Good & Evil Twin Pins are also available as a set for 20% off the normal price.

So far we’ve produced a pair of those Batman illustrations that originally got the ball rolling, as well as a few of our other favorite characters. We’ve got a future product list about a mile long filled with characters, quotes, and other pop culture nonsense. We frequently post new design ideas on Instagram, and love to hear from our followers about what we should produce. If what you see here speaks to your inner geek, then give us a follow (@macguffingoods). You can also find our products on MacGuffinGoods.com and Etsy.