Linen Notebook with Button • Rose Dawn

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A notebook, covered with fine old pink coloured book linen. Printed with copper foil details and screenprint. It feels like handmade with the craftsmanship of the past. It's printed on Japanse FSC paper and has three separate notebooks that you can take out. And you close it with an elastic and a button. Each booklet has a different layout: a bullet journal, a blank and a lined booklet. A notebook to brainstorm, sketch, whatever you want. All in one. In the back, you'll find a handy storage compartment for all the little things and loose notes you want to keep.



Rose Dawn



8 x 5 x .78 IN

- cover: semi hardcover
- lined with old pink coloured book linen
- hot foil details in copper
- image in silkscreen
- closure with button
- inside: 100 grams Japanse FSC paper
- three books with 64 pages of content each
- one colour Pantone print in soft grey: one book is dotted, one book is lined, one book is blanco
- each singer stitch bound


Tinne + Mia