Makers Garage Sale Application

What is the Makers Garage Sale?
The Garage Sale will be an opportunity for vendors to sign up to sell and get rid of old inventory or supplies at deeply reduced prices! A great way to get rid of any inventory that you've accumulated over the years and to do an end of year clean-up.

How will it be organized?
Booths will be simple - each vendor will get a 3'x6' space and assigned one day to sell. You won't have to get fancy with your setup, this is a garage sale after all, just bring a table and place your items on it!

You may choose to either pay $40/day to stay and have your own self checkout or pay $10/day + 15% commission and have everything run through a central checkout with us so you don't have to be there.

What can I sell?
You may sell any left over inventory or art/crafting supplies. Everything MUST be on sale and must fall into the category of old product or materials that may be used to create products. Absolutely no full priced items.

When is setup/takedown?
Vendors will setup at 9 am the morning of your sale day. You will stay until 7 pm or take down as soon as you sell out of products.

Our open hours will be 10 am - 7 pm

How/when will I get paid?
Payment for central checkout will be within two weeks of the date of the sale by direct deposit. If you haven't vended with us since our switch to direct deposit you would need to fill out that form and give us a voided check as well as a W-9. All other vendors who have worked with us this year, we already have this information.

When do I need to apply?
You must apply before December 22nd.

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