Summer Warehouse Sale 2022 Application

We are very excited for our next Warehouse Sale!
If you haven’t yet - please read our Vendor Agreement
to get up to speed on all the information applicable to participating.

All booth fees are waived for this sale!

Market applications are only open for 9th & 9th.

Everyone's always up to scrounge around a good sale.

Market Details


  • July 11-15 Applications open for Summer Warehouse Sale
  • July 17th: Approximate acceptance emails sent (check your junk mail. It may be in there)
  • August 5th (Friday) - August 21st (Sunday): Warehouse Sale


  • 2’x4’ booth ($80/week) FREE
  • 3’x6’ booth ($100/week) FREE
  • 5’x5’ booth ($145/week) FREE


  • Things you can sell:
    • Old product (preferred!)
    • Supplies for other crafters/makers
    • Old displays and fixtures
    • Used housewares/clothing (minimal clothing) - must be in good condition
  • We do not accept “resale” products, including MLMs, or “party”-type businesses, our love for parties notwithstanding.
  • If we have questions regarding the nature of your products, we will email you to clarify before disqualifying you from the market. Our market is juried to ensure our vendors are the cream of the crop. We sure hope that’s you!

Warehouse Sale Application

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9th & 9th Market

Thank you for submitting your application! If you are seeing this message we have received your submission.

Thrift when you can. Save the planet.


  • Wednesday August 3rd 11:00am-3:00pm
  • Thursday August 4th 3:00pm-6:00pm


  • Monday & Tuesday, August 22 & 23 
  • 11:00am-6:00pm during business hours

Email if you have any conflicts.