Astral Candle Collection - Mineral and Matter

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The Astral Candle Collection is a line of five candles in black glass jar ware inspired by the grandeur of outer space. 

  • Solis is a blend of amber and musk for a rich and strong aroma. 
  • Luna is a blend of sea salt and jasmine for a clean and crisp aroma. 
  • Astra is a blend of agave and vanilla for a light, floral aroma
  • Nova is a blend of bergamot and orange for a fruity, citrusy aroma. 
  • Noctis is a blend of coffee and caramel for a rich and strong aroma.  

Each candle is black glass with a metallic gold laser cut star pattern lid and a gold foil printed label.  

8.5 oz soy blend candle with a 45 hour burn time.

Hand poured by Mineral and Matter.