Cookbook For Jane by Abi Ayres

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For the past five years, Abi has been compiling family recipes to create this cookbook for her mom Jane. There are over 200 recipes from starters to dessert; they even include a Large Groups section to give you tips on how to feed a crowd. 

Her love for cooking started at a young age as she sat with her mom on the kitchen counter making her famous chocolate chip cookies. She would laugh and eat dough until their bellies ached. Both of her grandma's were incredible cooks too. Her mom's mom, Helen, threw stuff together, never measured a thing and always ended up with a masterpiece. Her dad's mom, Nana, was a chef and dietitian who had a scale on her counter and made the most incredible meals you could imagine. Her mom is a little mix of both and has taught her that it's not about the food, but about gathering the family and creating memories. Food is what brings them together and binds them.



Abi Ayres