Felt Ornaments - 2022

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This garland is an adorable addition to any festive tree. This unique garland is perfect for any festive tree, and adds a pop of unique decor to any home.



Wool Owl Ornament - 4-1/2"H

Santa Ornament -  9-1/2"H

Potted Christmas Tree Ornament with Embroidery and Applique - 5-1/2"H

Wool Felt Ornament, 4 Styles -  3-1/2"H - 5"H

Wool Felt Deer with Bird Ornament - 5-1/2"H

Wool Felt Tree Ornaments with Embroidery - 4"H - 5-1/2"H

Wool Felt Potted Cactus Ornament with Embroidery - 2"H - 4"H

Wool Felt Owl Ornament with Stars - 6-1/2"H

Wool Felt Ornament with Applique and Embroidery 6 Styles - 5-1/4"H

Wool Felt Dog in Outfit Ornament, 4 Styles - 2-1/4"H - 3-1/2"H

Wool Felt Chair Ornament with Wood Legs and Gift - 4-1/4"H 

Wool Felt Mouse in Red Plaid Outfit 2 Styles - 5"H



100% Wool Felt



Salt & Honey Christmas