How Long Is Five Minutes

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“How long is that?” is a universal, yet sometimes seemingly incomprehensible fascination for young children. In my children’s picture book, How Long is Five Minutes? (inspired by my own young children’s wonderings) “five minutes” is compared to the timelessness and magnificence of nature, questioned in the child’s voice. This beautifully illustrated and delightful book, will encapsulate children’s inherent curiosity about time and their joy in creation, and will be a gem for both parent and child.


This book is a classic, as children the world over since the beginning of time, have wondered about time. Seeing time through a child’s lens of creation, with accompanying tender illustrations, is a unique concept that will delight both parent and child time and time again as they engage in enchanting rhyme, and rhythms, while exploring the majesty of the earth. 


Juliann Doman