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*Art Ticket Box- You're only 100 days away from becoming an art history expert. This fun and creative ticket box is packed with daily facts and stories about all things art-related. Makes a great gift, too.

*About Curious Facts- 100 facts and curious anecdotes to make you sound like an expert. Whether you’re a trivia night champion, a factaholic or just want to impress your friends with some random knowledge, this ticket box is for you.

*Women's Rights History- 100 facts to become an expert on the fight for women’s rights throughout history. Whether you’re a true activist, or just wanting to gain more knowledge on the different waves of feminism throughout history, and those who led the movements – this ticket box is for you. The fight for equality is a ongoing battle, one that includes years of struggle, legislation changes, protests and strong women who stood up (and are currently standing up) for what they believe in. 


Pull out a ticket every day and learn an awesome fact that you may have never heard about before. Share your knowledge with your friends, impress them and laugh together!

You’ll become a true expert of curious facts!



Art Ticket Box

About Curious Facts

Women's Rights History


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