LetterCraft - Face Magnets

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We've got you covered with these famous faces magnets!


Amy Poehler Magnet

Tina Fey Magnet

Andy Warhol Magnet

Daniel Levy Magnet

Eugene Levy Magnet

Catherine O'Hara Magnet

Annie Murphy Magnet

Audrey Hepburn Magnet

Barack Obama Magnet

Michelle Obama Magnet

Beyonce Magnet

Bill Murray Zissou Magnet

Bryan Cranston Magnet

Carrie Fisher Magnet

Harrison Ford Magnet

McCaully Culkin Magnet

Daniel Radcliffe Magnet 

Dolly Parton Magnet

Dwight Schrute Magnet

Edgar Allen Poe Magnet

Golden Girls - Bea Arthur Magnet

Golden Girls - Betty White Magnet

Golden Girls - Estelle Getty Magnet

Golden Girls - Rue McClanahan Magnet

Johnny Cash Magnet

Kobe Bryant Magnet

LeBron James Magnet

Kurt Cobain Magnet

Mr. Rogers Magnet

Oprah Winfrey Magnet

Ron Swanson Magnet

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Magnet

Taylor Swift Magnet

Willie Nelson Magnet




Baltic Birch plywood, 11/16 inch grade 5 ceramic industrial magnet

Size: Approximately 1.5” x 2”

Made in United States of America