"The Mystery of the Vanishing Rainbow" Book

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After a storm, what's better than seeing a rainbow?

Beauty Mark knows what's better than a regular rainbow: a rainbow with 21 colors! Her formerly-sleepy village is famous for their magnificent, never-before-seen, gigantic and glamorous 21-color rainbow. People come from miles around to see the wondrous sight!

But one day, the rainbow begins to vanish, piece by piece. 

Everyone is despondent. Their beautiful rainbow dissolves in front of their eyes, mere moments after it appears.

It's up to Beauty Mark to piece together the Mystery of the Vanishing Rainbow, and save their town's greatest treasure!

 Illustrated with flair and humor, the Mystery of the Vanishing Rainbow is a beautiful story about overcoming misconceptions and seeing people for who they really are.


Victor Biton & Alissa Creno