Valley of Gold Incense Sticks

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Treat yourself to a little aroma-therapy by lighting up a few sticks of Valley of Gold Incense Sticks! These bad boys come in a variety of musky and earthy scents – perfect for relaxation and creating a special mood! Let your nose do the exploring and take a journey to the Valley of Gold. (It doesn't get any better than this!)



  • 10 Sticks
  • Valley of Gold Scent
  • Made in America

      Simple and Classic

      Valley of Gold is the smell of wild gardens in blossom amidst woods; a place where rose, lavender, geranium, myrtle and broom flower grow freely alongside rosemary, honey bush and surrounding trees. This arrangement creates a balanced, floral, earthy smell, which combines 11 ingredients.


      Misc. Goods Co.