Salt & Honey Store Vendor Application Form

Hooray!  We're glad you wanting to have your products in the official Salt & Honey store!  We can't wait to see your products!

We are currently looking for lots of products to stock our now open retail store! We continually accept vendors (month to month) on a rotating basis so apply anytime!

If you need a reminder about our vendor options and what is required for each please visit our STORE VENDOR AGREEMENT page.

Been a vendor with us before but would like to consign with us again?

Skip the line and fill out the simplified form by clicking the button below.

*Reminder if you are a Fine Art Vendor you are only able to choose the Consignment option.

*If you are a Vintage seller you will be given the Booth Option priority but we only allow a limited number of vintage sellers each 3 month period and will rotate if needed.

A couple of tips to speed up your application:

  • Emailing a pdf to of product photos or a catalog with retail pricing is super helpful and may speed up your acceptance (wink). Especially if we have never seen your products.

  • We prefer products that are handmade, designed or manufactured locally. We do accept products that are manufactured elsewhere or mass manufactured but we will always pick first those that have a "locally made" aspect or have your touch on them. Make sure to be clear about how you are involved in your business and how local the aspects of your products and business are in your application. A small locally run business that doesn't manufacture all their products can still be accepted.

  • Products with great branding always get more attention from us and our customers.

Please fill out the form to the right as fully as possible to be considered. We will try to get back to you quickly about your application. Good luck!

Name *
Enter your personal name if you don't have a legal business name.
The business name you would like to use on our Vendors Page. This can be the same as above.
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Phone *
Select which category most of your items fall under.
Choose which vendor option you prefer. Details about both options may be found in our Store Vendor Agreement page linked on the left. *Fine Art Vendors must choose the consignment option.
Would you like us to track your inventory volume and be responsible for lost or stolen product?
*NOT APPLICABLE FOR CONSIGNMENT VENDORS* If you've chosen the booth option please write a thorough description of your booth layout and design. This information helps us place you. If you'd like bookshelf space specify that here. If you've vendored with us before and we are familiar with your booth just write N/A.
If you have sold with us in the past please place your previous vendor ID here. If you would like to request a vendor ID, enter it here. IDs must be 3-4 characters long, with letters and numbers only. Leave this blank if you would like us to assign you one.
Tell us about your business and/or products. This is a great place to explain if you are locally made, a designer, anything!
Enter your website address, if you have one. If you have no web presence, you will need to email pictures of your products to in order to complete your application.
Enter the web address for your Facebook page, if you have one. Enter the full address (Http://...)
Copy and paste your full instagram web address here not just your username. (Http://...)
Have you been a part of our market before?
Do you agree to the terms and conditions in the Store Vendor Agreement? *
If you haven't read it yet, go back and read it now! It really sucks to be unprepared.


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