First Annual Valentine’s
Mini Market Application

We are excited to present our first Valentine’s market!
If you haven’t yet - please read our
Vendor Agreement to get up to
speed on all the information applicable to participating.

Here are a few specific details to this market before you fill out the application.

Important Dates:

  • December 12th - January 8th: Applications open for Valentine’s Mini Market

  • January 15th: Acceptance and emails sent

  • January 16th: Booth fee invoices sent

  • January 23rd: Booth payment due

  • January 23rd: Drop out date for full refund

  • February 3rd - 16th: Valentine’s Mini Market

  • Saturday, February 2nd: Week One Setup from 9-11 pm

  • Saturday, February 9th: Week One Takedown from 9-9:30 pm

  • Saturday, February 9th: Week Two Setup from 9:30-11 pm

  • Saturday February 16th: Week Two Takedown from 9-9:30 pm

Vendor Requirement:

All vendors for the Valentines market must sell strictly Valentines products. These may be gifts, clothing, food, candles, stationery etc. but we insist that all your products be applicable to Valentine’s Day. We are hyperfocusing every mini market on a specific theme so if this doesn’t apply to your business there probably will be an upcoming mini market that does! If you have questions on if your business qualifies feel free to contact us at any time.


We now offer vendors the ability to choose a booth preference. This is not mandatory but optional to pick. If you just want a standard booth and to be placed anywhere please select “Standard 6’ booth” or other standards under Preference #1 and we will place you randomly.

Our pricing for booth selection has shifted accordingly and now done by feet. Below is a map of what we have available as well as the corresponding letters to each booth location.

Map guide:
Pink: Standard 3’ booth ($40/week)
Purple: Standard 6’ booth ($80/week per 6’ wide)
Blue: Salt & Honey Table or Bookshelf ($15/week per 1’ wide)
Green: Wall Alcove ($50/week per 3’ sections)
Yellow: Smaller Wall Alcove ($40/week per 2.5” section)
Red: Fine Artists (Free/week +1.5’ x 3’ table space)

If you’d like multiple sections of a certain booth or alcove please just select the first coordinating letter per preference and we will assume the footage you want corresponds with the “booth” section in the application. For example if you want a 9’ section of wall alcove choose “A” and put “3’x9’” in “booth size” and we will give you A, B, and C booths.


Apply below using the applicable form