Workshop Application

We are looking for leading experts in their creative fields to teach workshops at our new retail location.  Please review all the details below, and if you think you are a good match fill out this application.

  • All workshops will take place on Thursday night on a weekly basis unless special circumstances are arranged.

  • Workshop length will be determined by you (2-3 hours generally) and start at 6 pm.

  • You provide instruction, handouts, all materials and a gift for each student (to place in our swag bags). We do have tables, chairs, many pairs of scissors (although not sewing), pencils, notepads and other random office type materials at your disposal.

  • We'll accept a max of 20 students, but you can request a smaller workshop size if it is optimal for what you are teaching.

  • We provide swag bags, and 10% off shopping to students the day of their workshop attendance.

  • You provide us with an admission cost (see below) which includes your preparation & instruction fee and the materials for the workshop that you bring. FYI workshops usually range from $20-$120 but our best selling ones average at about $40-$50 (with our fee added in).

  • We take care of collecting admission fees and marketing. We will send you a link to our marketing copy, with enough time for you to market your workshop as well. We plan to start marketing a month in advance to make sure we sell as many tickets as possible.

  • We order, pick up and arrange refreshments for you and the students. We also provide plates, cups, utensils, and everything else that is needed for the refreshments provided.

  • You arrive at least one hour prior to the workshop start, to get setup and make sure everything is ready (arrive earlier than that if more time is needed).

  • The night of your workshop you will receive a check for your fees from us for each student.


Things we would need from you for workshops, if accepted:

  • A course description and the materials each student will receive.

  • The total fee you would like to receive for each student. Include in this your cost of materials, your preparation fee, and your instruction fee per student. We will then add on our costs to this to come up with the final workshop attendance fee. (We usually add about $15-20 per student for swagbags and our profit).

  • 3-5 images that we can use for marketing your workshop. The images need to be at least 800 px wide. We will combine these with your course description to advertise the event.


Tips for getting accepted and teaching a successful workshop:

  • Build a following - Our most successful workshop instructors come to us with a social media presence. It's part of our mission to help local artisans build a business, so this isn't a requirement, but it's hard for us to turn away an instructor that already has a solid social presence. Just getting started? No worries. Do what you can before hand and ask for follows and reviews at the end of your workshop. We hope teaching a workshop will help you grow!

  • Take good photos - We eat food with our eyes before we pick up a fork, right? Our workshops are no different. We've noticed when we market workshops with great photos, we get more students. If you can afford a professional photographer, that's the best route (we can provide recommendations). If you need to go it alone, try taking clear, high quality pictures of the finished product on a white background. Photos of you teaching and of students are great, if you've taught a workshop before.

  • Actively market your workshop - The instructors who are actively promoting their workshops on their end are more successful. We'll do what we can, but we need your help. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Post it on your social media, with a link to our site.

  • Do a test workshop - This probably goes without saying, but if this is your first time teaching a workshop, try doing a test workshop with friends and/or family. It's amazing what you can learn from the perspective of someone else.


Have any questions?  Email Nicole at with inquires.

Name *
What you'd like your workshop to be listed under on our events page. This can just be your name if you have no official business name.
Phone *
Tell us what you'd like to teach, any important details and how you'd like to teach it.
Workshop Date *
Choose which workshop dates would work best with your schedule. We'll work with you to select an exact date after we accept your application.
Send us a link to your website, or any other web presence to help us get to know you. If you have a link to a former workshop you have created this would be a great place to put it as well.