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All Together Now Letterpress Art Print. Size  8 x 10. Man & Woman looking at a flower with blue clouds & orange sun.
An original hand lettered alphabet screen print with a fun yet minimal feel.  Screen printed with water based inks on professional equipment Paper: 100# recycled white card stock Inks: black Size: 8 x 10
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After a storm, what's better than seeing a rainbow?  Beauty Mark knows what's better than a regular rainbow: a rainbow with 21 colors! Her formerly-sleepy village is famous for their magnificent, never-before-seen, gigantic and glamorous 21-color rainbow. People come from miles around to see the wondrous sight! Read this great book.
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When a little girl saves a little lonely caterpillar, the two quickly become friends. But when a giant storm ruins all the preparations for the little girl's birthday, what can be done? A little act of kindness gets answered in a magical way. Filled with sweet and funny illustrations, The Butterfly Tree is a good-humored and heart-warming story about improbable friendship.
Bitsy Bunnies, story about bunnies
This delightful new children's book is written and Illustrated by Gloria June West of Gwestsketches. It explored the world of insects and helps children learn valuable lessons from the behaviors of these insects. This is a high quality hard cover book and includes a QR code that links to an original song, allowing children and adults to sing along with the book!
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Watercolor giraffes having a party; printed on gorgeous, heavy cotton paper.  Dimension  8x10”
Abstract Art Print. Pink, Yellow, Green colors.
A true story about a chicken who raised ducklings and the surprises it brought to the barnyard. Illustrated in watercolor with pen and ink, it is a heartwarming story about moms, babies and the families we make for ourselves.
"Hi Mom" is an illustrated ode to mothers and motherhood. To the hard times and the good. A poem from the perspective of grown or growing kids who have caught a glimpse of what it might have really been like for mom, who finally learned some of the lessons she taught and yearn to give back a little of the love she saved for them.
"The Colorful Word: Meditate Upon the Scriptures" combines the best of a coloring book and a scripture study journal. Each beautiful coloring page is accompanied by a page with a more extensive version of the scripture, and then space for you to journal your own feelings, thoughts, and impressions as you color. In the end you'll have a book full of beautiful art that is as vibrant as your own faith.
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