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Hooray, you’re interested in being a vendor!

If accepted to the market this means that you will be bound under contract to the terms and agreements below.

Read along to find upcoming market applications, our policies and procedures.

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First, read through the General Vendor Agreement below that is applicable to all our markets so you're up to speed on the requirements, expectations and such, then visit our applications page to apply!

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Vendor Qualifications and
Our Promise

We want creative people to create. Our mission is to help inspired professionals give life to their ideas by establishing and growing successful businesses and products. To foster this creative economy, we strive to include in our market only items that are original, handmade, unique, vintage, repurposed, designed or produced locally. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you commit to only sell products and offerings that fall under this criteria. Anything not in compliance with these efforts, delightful as they may be, will not be accepted to the show or will be pulled from the market.

We do not accept “resale” products, including MLMs, or “party”-type businesses, our love for parties notwithstanding. If we have questions regarding the nature of your products, we will email you to clarify before disqualifying you from the market. Our market is juried to ensure our vendors are the cream of the crop. We sure hope that’s you!

Market Locations

9th & 9th Flagship Store
926 E 900 S, Salt Lake City Utah

Fashion Place
Just north of Gap in the Macy's wing

Jewelry Market 2024

  • 9th & 9th & Fashion Place
  • March 22-April 7

Spring Makers Market 2024

  • 9th & 9th & Fashion Place
  • April 19-May 13

Vintage Market 2024

  • 9th & 9th
  • May 24-June 16

Products & Vendor ID

  • If you have a vendor ID already you may request to use it on our application form. If you do not include a preferred vendor ID in your application, one will be assigned to you and emailed to you after acceptance.

  • Your products must be marked with your vendor ID and price in order to get credit for the sale.

    • If your items are not clearly marked, or if the tag falls off, you may not receive credit for the sale. So sad!

    • If multiple items are not marked, you may be charged an additional market fee. Even more sad!

  • New products you add must fall within the descriptions and categories you listed in your application.

  • Products you bring to the market must be in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws for the type of products you offer. It is your responsibility to know which laws apply to your products and to ensure that they are in compliance with all copyright, food handling, labeling, labor, and any other laws, rules or regulations that apply. All products from vendors that are found to be in violation will be removed from the market immediately. ALL FOOD VENDORS MUST BE COTTAGE CERTIFIED.

  • We strive to offer products that are good for the environment and for the community. As you design, produce and package your products, please do your best to minimize packaging, reduce waste, reuse materials and recycle. Please also do your best to ensure your products are sourced ethically. Trust us, any additional cost or effort will pay off in the long run, plus we'll love you all the more.


  • A list of prices is now required to be submitted more than a week before the market begins to coco@saltandhoneymarket.com
  • Vendors are limited to 25 unique prices
  • If prices are not submitted to you may lose your spot and it will be given to a waitlisted vendor.
  • You can see your sales in real time on our vendor portal
  • If you have a product that is not listed in the price sheet we will choose the next price down.



  • There are multiple booths and sizes you can choose from at each location:

  • Please not our prices have raised $20 for 2024. Some markets are discounted for lesser traffic.

    • 9th & 9th Booths
      • 4’ booth ($100/week)

      • 6’ booth ($120/week)

    • Fashion Place Booth Sizes:
      • 2’ Wall Space ($100/week)
      • 4’ Wall Space ($120/week)
        *These options mean you will be using our walls that include fixtures and shelving that is customizable to your products. If you prefer you can setup your own booth against the wall and not use the wall fixtures available. More info will be sent with your acceptance letter.
      • 4’ booth ($100/week)
      • 6’ booth ($120/week)
  • You are responsible for supplying all items to set up your booth, including any desired tables or shelving unless indicated in the Fashion Place Wall space setup.

  • You are responsible for the setup and take down of your booth.

  • You may request access to electricity. While we will try to accommodate this request, not all booth spaces will have access.

  • You may request space against a wall, seen from front and back, or at the end of an aisle. We will try to accommodate as many of these requests as possible, but unfortunately our space-conjuring abilities are lagging a bit behind Hermione Granger’s. Some vendors may not receive the type of space they request. We promise you’ll get the next best thing!

  • We will try to accommodate double booth requests but may only have space to provide you a single booth if accepted.

  • Some booths end up being slightly larger (on the end of an aisle/row, in a corner, etc.). We’ll try to let you know ahead of time if you’re lucky enough to get one of those spots.

  • If you choose to share a booth with a friend, we need to know about it ahead of time. The friend will need to pay an additional $30. You may each have your own ID but it is very important we have both vendor ID’s, and pricing lists before the show starts. We will prepare two sales reports per ID. Your application must represent all products to be sold by both parties.


  • Setup varies for each market - see application for details. Reminders will be emailed the week of the market.

  • Exact dates and times as well as special setup circumstances will be emailed and/or declared with the application for the specific market. These can be up to change if we see fit. We will relay changes as soon as they are made.

  • Salt & Honey staff will check in all vendors and verify that your booth fee invoice is paid, and we have received all your vital information.

  • Additional storage for inventory is available. Please let us know in the application if you will be using that space!

  • Any booth spaces not occupied by the setup deadline will be considered forfeited and will be offered to a vendor on our wait list.


  • You may restock your inventory during market hours if you choose.

  • All items may be brought through the front doors at our 9th & 9th location and through front doors for our Fashion Place location. If you have a lot of items at Fashion Place to restock you can request access to the back door. For the safety of our staff please come through the front and ask for access to the back.

  • You may store additional inventory underneath your table (if you have a tablecloth) for easy restocking.

  • Salt & Honey staff and volunteers will do their best to keep your space tidy and restocked, but feel free to come back any time during the market to do your own restocking.


  • We provide a central checkout for all vendors, with the exception of select food and beverage vendors we invite.

  • We will accept cash at Fashion Place but not at 9th & 9th. We accept all digital wallets and all major credit cards.


  • Take down times will be declared in the specific market application available. Please refer to it when applying.

  • The customer experience is of utmost importance, so be respectful of the customers when taking down! If they are still shopping your booth it's probably a good time to engage with them instead of asking them to move. Make a connection, and get customers for life!

  • You will have usually have 1-2 hours to dismantle your booth. We know you’ll want to get to bed as much as we will. Vendors who take longer than the allotted time or cause undue stress for the staff during take down will be assessed a $25 fine. Let's all make sure we are respectful of anothers time!

  • Vendors who apply for more than one week are not required to take down their booths between the two consecutive weeks. If you apply for weekends that don't coincide with each other you will need to setup and take down for each accepted weekend.

  • Take down is allowed through front door & side alley for 9th & 9th. Take down is only allowed through the back door for Fashion Place.

  • Please be prompt and move as quickly as possible, if you are taking down between market weeks. We have a limited window to get the vendors moved out and the next week vendors moved in.

  • All items you brought for your booth must be removed on take down, including hardware and tape. Any tape, garbage or other items left in the space will result in a $25 fine. Any destruction of our property will result in repair fines. Please do not utilize an adhesive product without asking us first.

  • Please stop by the checkout counter to pick up any hangers or other products that could not be returned to your booth prior to take down.


  • You may be spotlighted on our website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest in the weeks leading up to the event. We’ll pull from the photos you submit with your application or from your feeds with permission, so make sure to send us links to images you’re proud to share! We mostly just repost things that have been posted already on instagram so post lots!
  • You can pull any of our marketing for your own use to market your participation.

  • We will release announcements to the press, do extensive social media advertising, as well as place posters all around Salt Lake County leading up to the event.

  • We encourage vendors to advertise through their own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

*Please note that if you already have products in our full time retail store than you will have separate commission fee for barcoded "in-store" products than the products in your booth. Your commission in our retail store will remain the same as the rest of the year, during the market.


Vendor Booth Fee:

  • If accepted into the market, you will receive an invoice for your booth fee. Due dates will be listed in each market application. Booth Fees vary per location. Note these prices have increased for 2024.

  • Booth fees for each week you participate:

    • 9th & 9th Booth Sizes:
      4’ booth ($100/week)
      6’ booth ($120/week)

      Fashion Place Booth Sizes:
      2’ Wall Space ($100/week)
      4’ Wall Space ($120/week)

      4’ booth ($100/week)
      6’ booth ($120/week)

  • *Fine Art Vendor Scholarship is no longer available*

    • Fine Art vendors no longer will receive scholarships for displaying at our show - prints encouraged!

  • Two booths: double the fee for however many weekends you choose (we like to keep it logical).

  • Vendor fees are collected to pay for the up-front costs of marketing, insurance and leasing our location.

  • Fees are payable only via the invoice sent to you.

  • You may be eligible to have a waived booth fee (but not the commission fees) if you qualify if you are a:

    • Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

      • If you are under the age of 18 and would like to participate, you are eligible for a waiver of your booth fees. Please make sure to click the Young Entrepreneur button in the application.


Commission Fees

Each vendor with be charged 20% of gross sales until June 2024 (that’s the total earned before deducting costs—we always have to look that one up). This fee is used to cover credit card processing, any discounts we choose to offer as promotions, and other expenses.

Please note that if you have products in our full time retail store than you will have separate commission fees for barcoded "in-store" products and products from your booth. Your commission in our retail store will remain the same as the rest of the year.


      • Other Fees
        • If setup extends beyond the deadline, you will be charged $25.

        • If take down extends beyond the deadline, you will be charged $25

        • If an excessive number of your items are mislabeled or not labeled with your vendor ID and item number (requiring extra work on our part to track down the correct information), you will be charged $25 each day. We will inform you if this is a problem as soon as possible so you can fix your labeling before the next day. We don’t want the $25 nearly as much as we want everything to go smoothly!


  • All vendors will receive payment by Paypal/Venmo or Direct Deposit for their net earnings, issued by the 15th of the following month. Updates on exact payment drop will be in the acceptance email.

  • When a market is finishing close to the end of the month we will wait until the months end to send market sales. Dates for payment will be posted in the vendor portal.

  • Vendors may sign up for our vendor portal where they can view their day to day sales, as well as see their sales and payouts. More information regarding this will be received once accepted.

  • Our portal system is not perfect and has some bugs. We still think it is a valuable asset. Please be patient and ask for clarification if needed.

Vendor Portal Access

  • Portal access is only for approved vendors for our Markets and In-store sales. Vendors who are not approved will not gain access.

Theft and Liability

  • We will do everything within our power to prevent theft of products and displays, but we cannot guarantee that items will not go missing or get broken. It’s a cruel world, even in nice places like Salt Lake City. Our employees will be trained to spot and stop shoplifters, and we will make every effort to prevent any incidents; however, we cannot be held responsible if theft or liable if it does occur. Our security cameras do help, and will be used if prosecution is necessary however only as they are reliable.

Drop Outs

    • For those who decide not to participate, we will be sad to see you go, but we will refund your fees only until a specific date listed in each application. After that date, fees are non-refundable. Then you’ll be sad to see you go.

    • If you decide to change your reduce the amount of weeks you are signed up for prior to the invoice due date, we will adjust your invoice. After the due date, you are responsible to pay for all weeks. Late week changes put us in a bind and it can be difficult to get a wait list vendor in your space in a short amount of time.

    • If you withdraw your application prior to the booth fee invoice due date, you will be given a full refund of the fees you paid. After the due date, no refunds will be given and you may not use the payment toward a future market. Late cancellations put us in a bind and it can be difficult to get a wait list vendor in your space in a short amount of time. If you miss the due date your spot will be given to a vendor on the wait-list.


    • Sales tax will be collected through the central checkout and will be paid by us to the required agencies. One less thing for you to do!

    • You will be issued a payout receipt with your payment. This can be used to submit your income for tax purposes.

    • We no longer require you to submit a W-9 form. Technically we are your contractor, so we do not send out 1099 forms however you can use your sales reports from our online portal to report your income on your end of year taxes.

*This agreement is subject to change without notice or as we see fit to update it.

Please check this site for updates.