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Ritual Chocolates- luxury chocolate bars.



Apres - Champagne Infused Dark Chocolate with dried raspberries - 70% Cacao- This bar is the perfect celebratory treat—the tasting notes of sparkling white wine infused cacao complement the sweet tartness of the raspberries. Whether you’re celebrating the end of a day on the ski hill, toasting a birthday, or cheering at midnight on New Year’s Eve, this bar is sure to bring you cheer & chocolate. This bar is best paired with a long day in the mountains.

Belize - Toledo, 75% Cacao- Made with organic cacao that is grown by a network of Mayan farmers in the Toledo district of Belize. This chocolate has an incredible balance of fruity, earthy, and nutty flavors as a result of the complex genetic makeup of the growing region. Tasting Notes: Dried Fig, Cherry, & Tobacco

Bourbon Barrel Aged - 75% Cacao- barrels for several months. This process provides subtle notes of the charred, white American Oak and light hints of bourbon whiskey. Ritual found that aging the nibs in a fresh whiskey barrel has an interesting effect on the final flavor of the chocolate. This is by no means a whiskey flavored chocolate, but the flavor of the whiskey is detectable. What really stands out is the "mellowing" effect of the oak whiskey barrel. The chocolate tastes a bit "softer around the edges" and has a pleasant aroma and aftertaste. Due to this unique aging process, this chocolate is extremely limited. bean to bar craft chocolate dark chocolate single origin chocolate organic chocolate

Cacao Nibs- “Nibs" are the roasted, cracked and winnowed cocoa bean with no additional ingredients. Nibs are a good, chocolatey, nut alternative for baked goods. They're also good in savory dishes and smoothies as well. We source cacao beans with incredibly interesting, naturally occurring flavors, so we roast them very delicately to preserve all that flavor. The result are nibs (and chocolate) that are vibrant in taste, aroma and color.

Dark Mocha Blueberry, Honeycomb, Coffee - 60%- Unlike any other coffee and chocolate bar out there. Coffee meets the balanced flavor of our Mid Mountain Blend and the result is a balanced, smooth coffee-infused chocolate bar that coffee lovers will love. Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Honeycomb, Coffee

Ecuador, Camino Verde, 85% Cacao- Made with cacao that is carefully fermented and dried by Vicente Norero of Camino Verde in Ecuador. Vicente's unique fermentation techniques, along with his careful sourcing of Nacional cacao from a multitude of growers, give this chocolate its distinguishable, rich, chocolatey flavor. Tasting Notes: Honey & Fudge

Ecuador Camino Verde 75%- Made with cacao that is carefully fermented and dried by Vicente Norero of Camino Verde in Ecuador. Vicente's unique fermentation techniques, along with his careful sourcing of Nacional cacao from a multitude of growers, give this chocolate its distinguishable, rich, chocolatey flavor. Tasting Notes: Graham Cracker, Honey & Fudge 

Eggnog Bar - This innovative bar is spiced with warm nutmeg and cinnamon, made smooth and creamy using Utah local malted oats, and paired with our Nicaragua and Uganda cacao. On top of that, we infuse it all with spiced rum to ensure all the flavors are seamlessly blended together. Tasting notes: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rum

Fleur De Sel- Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt - 70% Cacao- Fine French salt and craft chocolate were made to be together. This classic combination satisfies your sweet and savory craving simultaneously and stupendously. Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Fudge & Sea Salt

Honeycomb Toffee - Honeycomb Toffee in Dark Chocolate - 75% Cacao- Made with  Belize 75% chocolate and topped with house-made honeycomb toffee. Utah is also known as The Beehive State, so we couldn’t resist making a chocolate bar that represents our state. For this toffee bar Ritual used Utah-local Hollow Tree Honey, which is carefully sourced raw, wildflower honey from hives across the Wasatch Mountain range. This honey is full of floral, nectar flavors that are unique to the array of wildflowers growing in our area. Tasting Notes: Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate

Juniper Lavender - Juniper Berries & Lavender in Dark Chocolate - 70% Cacao -Inspired by the mountains and growers around us, this bar is a blend of lavender grown by Lavender Hill Farms in Eden, Utah and dried juniper berries. Tasting Notes: Lavender, Juniper, Pine, Citrus, Floral

Desert Sands - 30% Cacao- This bar's flavors and textures were inspired by the high mountain deserts of Southern Utah. Ritual added local Utah Chili Beak oil to our first oat milk white chocolate, sprinkled in crystalized ginger, to make a beautiful sandstone colored chocolate with a kick of summer heat.

Madagascar, Sambirano, 75% Cacao- The "gateway chocolate" for non-believers. Unbelievably fruity and nutty thanks to unique terroir. Made with organic cacao from Bertil Akesson's farm in the Sambirano Valley in Northern Madagascar. The region is known for producing cacao rich with notes of citrus. Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Citrus & Peanut

Mid Mountain-Strawberry, Fudge & Graham Cracker - 70%- A balanced blend of all the Ritual origins. The goal was to highlight subtle tasting notes from each bean. Fruity, nutty, earthy, chocolatey, floral- it's all here. Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Fudge & Graham Cracker

One Hundred Percent, 100% Cacao Blend- Made with a blend of cacao that has been sourced from several farms around the world. With only one ingredient and free of sugar, this is our chocolate in its purest form. Despite the lack of sweetness, it's amazing how good this pure chocolate tastes (in small bites). There's an incredible balance of sweet, bitter, savory, nutty, and fruity flavors in this chocolate. If you're already a fan of 100% cacao chocolate, then this one’s for you. If not, then maybe we can change your mind! Tasting Notes: Fruity, Earthy, Cacao

PeruFloral, Herbal, Toasted Peanuts & Stone Fruit - 75%- Made with pure Nacional cacao, one of the most genetically unique beans in the world. The Peru bar is as complex as it is delicate and exceptionally smooth. Tasting Notes: Floral, Herbal, Toasted Peanuts & Stone Fruit

Pine Nut- Ground Pine Nuts & Dark Chocolate - 55% Cacao- Inspired by the mountains and local flavors surrounding us, this bar has added ground pine nuts to a dark chocolate blend to create a soft, smooth and deliciously nutty bar. Pine nuts are the seeds of Pinyon Pine trees which are native to Utah and grow in the pinyon-juniper woodlands in the picturesque rocky slopes and mesas of the Great Basin. Pine nuts are a true taste of our high, west locale. Tasting Notes: Nutty, Pine-y, Earthy

S'Mores Bar- Graham Cracker & Caramelized Sugar - 70% Cacao- Made with caramelized sugar to give a toasty, fresh off the campfire marshmallow taste, with graham crackers sprinkled on the top. This is a great bar to bring on your adventure, when you don’t have room for all the s’mores components but still want to enjoy those classic graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow flavors. Tasting Notes: Graham Cracker, Caramelized Sugar

Snowed In 70% Cacao- This classic seasonal bar has organic candy cane pieces sprinkled into our Mid Mountain 70% dark chocolate with a subtle peppermint essence melt in every bite. Truly one to enjoy this winter, weather as a quick chairlift snack, the perfect stocking stuffer or cozying up by the fire while being snowed in.

The NibDried Fruit, Berries, Nuts - 70%- A crunchy combination of lightly roasted cocoa nibs sprinkled onto 70% Mid Mountain Blend. Tasting Notes: Dried Fruit, Berries, Nuts

Vanilla - Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla - 70% Cacao- In this chocolate, we’re highlighting the amazing flavor and aroma of high quality vanilla beans. Made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, this chocolate is rich, dark and creamy with a floral, buttery aroma. While we typically believe in letting the true flavor of the cacao shine through without the addition of vanilla, in this chocolate we're highlighting the amazing flavors of bourbon vanilla. We're using whole vanilla beans from Madagascar and combining them with our Mid Mountain Blend chocolate. If you're curious about the higher price point of this bar, it all has to do with the cost of vanilla. We're adding a relatively high amount of pure vanilla to this chocolate, and bourbon vanilla from Madagascar just so happens to be one of the most expensive ingredients in the world.


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