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Product Inventory

So you're ready to bring in inventory.

Prepare your products and spreadsheet

  • Gather your products
  • Fill out Inventory Template
  • *Photo links are required for new products* - more info below
  • Please use the same title for restocked products
  • Save as Excel or Google Sheets
  • *All new product sku's are required to be approved by a manager before accepted into the store.

Submit your
inventory form

Fill out your basic information and upload your inventory sheet.

*Only for current vendors of VSL. Interested in this location? Email shelbyl@saltandhoneymarket.com to get started.

Schedule your appointment

Schedule an appointment to drop-off. Remember to book 2 days in advance!

Let's get to the FAQ

More details for those who love the fine print

Preparing products

  • Gather your products and put like styles together
  • Count meticulously and count again
  • Make notes of variations, colors or styles
  • Make sure your logo is visible on a tag, sticker or other packaging.
  • *All new product must be approved by a manager before placing in the store - please reach out with new sku's before submitting an inventory sheet
  • *Managers have extensive knowledge if a product will sell, how much inventory to submit and other vital insights. We can help guide you so that you aren't wasting precious resources on products we wouldn't accept or that wouldn't sell with our target market.

Inventory Spreadsheet

  • File must be in Excel or Google Sheets format
  • List every item in seperate columns with name, quantity and price at the minimum
  • Breakdown items into further variables if you would like a better accounting such as size, color, etc.
  • Include a column with links to online photos of your items for easy recognition - *Required for brand new products*
  • Download or save as a csv or excel spreadsheet
  • If the title isn't explicit on what the item is, please include a column with a description or link to photos so we can figure out easily which listing goes with which product. Often, mistakes occur when two products are very similar but with different prices!

Submitting your form

  • Make sure your spreadsheet is in order and saved correctly before filling out the submission form
  • Make sure to choose the correct location for submission - each location needs seperate forms filled out
  • Include all applicable information in the form as well have your completed spreadsheet ready to upload

Make an appointment for drop-off

  • Access the appointment page and schedule a convienent drop-off time
  • Appointment availability varies by location - make sure to schedule the correct location when signing up
  • All appointments must be made 2 days prior to drop-off
  • All drop-offs will be processed in 2-3 days and depending on product load the longest 10 days for new product
  • Merchandising takes 1-4 days after processing to occur so make sure to plan ahead
  • Note that drop-offs right before an event or market take longer to process as our staff's first priority is customer service. If you are wanting your products on the floor for a special weekend make sure to get products submitted at least 2 weeks prior.

Vendor Portal

  • Our vendor portal is available to track your sales in real time
  • You can sign-up HERE and find the login in our main menu at anytime
  • In-store sales and market sales are tracked seperately because of the different consignment rates. You can still access both from the same account - but you will need to setup each seperately.
  • You will not be able to access the portal until you've had your first sale.
  • Once you do, you'll receive an email with login instructions.
  • Sales are not destinguished by location (yet), except for VSL which is a seperate portal all together, because of it's partnership nature
  • The portal will be updated as we make payouts.


  • The responsibility of keeping track of inventory levels is shared between vendor and staff
  • We will reach out if we notice something running low, or if we would like a restock of certain items
  • You are welcome to call any store for a quick inventory check or stopping in to the store to visibly check yourself but the most accurate way is to email a store manager to send you an inventory report.
  • When ready to restock, restart the process and submit a new form for every restock.

Product Retiring

  • All product is given a guaranteed 3 months of shelf time before considering for termination
  • We will reach out if we are interested in sending your consignment inventory back to you
  • You will have 30 days to pickup your product, if you have not responded to email and/or text requests to pickup the items are then sold at a deep discount or donated.

Contact Info

Questions? Here is your quick guide for who to contact

9th & 9th

Visit Salt Lake


Fashion Place


Interested in being online?

We have two new online programs!

In-store Inventory

Don't like to think about it? Have us store your inventory and give yourself the ultimate freedom–we store, sell and ship–and you get paid based on your regular consignment rate! Take one less thing off your paint covered hands.


Want to make a little more money? Our dropshipping program allows you to control the shipping of your product and your inventory supply. Submit your products to be dropshipped and see your sales soar.  


Sign up for our vendor portal
where you can watch your profits grow.