Non-Stick Pan Brush - Vegan Certified

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Premium quality, ethically handmade from unbleached sisal fiber the ecomax non-stick pan brush is designed to treat your delicate dishes with care. Sisal, produced from the agave plant, is a flexible fiber which softens in water allowing it to gently scrub without scratching surfaces.

The ecomax non-stick pan brush is a great, long-lasting, sustainable alternative to plastic brushes, it cleans without scratching, is non-toxic and doesn’t contain micro plastics. Dimensions: length: 10.75" (brush head length: 4"), width: 3.75", depth: 1.5"

Ecomax brushes are registered with the vegan society, biodegradable, chemical free and ethically handmade in sri lanka.

Plastic free. Biodegradable. Vegan. Fair trade. Zero waste.



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