Daphne 16'' Necklace - Hey June

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Daphne 16'' Necklace - Hey June

Meet Daphne!  The tiniest, most detailed perfect chain.

All our necklaces are named after powerful female literary characters and writers who paved the road before us.  Daphne is named after writer Daphne du Maurier.

Maurier is the author of the best selling Rebeccawhich has never gone out of print since its publication in 1938.  Her works are moody, slightly sinister, and fun! Oh, and she never changed her last time after she got married, so go Daphne!

“Men are simpler than you imagine, my sweet child. But what goes on in the twisted tortuous minds of women would baffle anyone.” Daphne du Maurier


  • 14k Gold Filled Chain


Hey June