Hill And Dale Papercraft Insulated Lunch Bag

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Outwit your busiest days when you pack refections to sustain you in this Hill & Dale Fox Papercraft Lunch Bag by Danica Studio. Inspiring designs from the designers at our Vancouver studio and natural materials combine to make this Papercraft Lunch Bag is a memorable and eco-friendly way to take food on the go. Pack a snack for yoga, plan a picnic with friends, or bring your lunch to work while making a sustainable choice that melds seamlessly into your life. Magnetic closures ensure all your delectable nibbles stay contained along the way, and when you slip an ice pack inside, the silver foil insulation keeps a favorite panini or handmade salad fresh until it's time for a break. A simple wipe down or gentle handwashing and your reusable lunch bag is ready for tomorrow. Made from 90% paper and 10% natural latex, each pouch has a leather-like texture and noteworthy patterns that bring a sophisticated feel to a packed lunch.




7″ x 5.5″ x 10″


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