Leaf Radiance - Natural Houseplant Cleaner & Shine

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 Keep your houseplant leaves healthy and beautiful with Urban Gardener's Leaf Radiance. Unlike any other shine on the market, Leaf Radiance uses only non-mineral oils that will not damage leaves' outer cuticles or clog pores used in respiration. Let your plant breathe easily while enjoying a radiant glow from its leaves.

Leaf Radiance is rich in natural silica, which can strengthen cell walls and make plants more resilient against environmental stressors.
CLEAN, CONDITION, SHINE - Ready to use, just spray and wipe

Suitable for most tropical plants with shiny leaves. Test for tolerance before continued use.

Safe for people and pets when used as directed.
This product is natural, cruelty-free, plant-based, and made in the USA.


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